Thursday, September 3, 2015

Fishing Report - Snook & Trout 6-6-14

Friday June 6, 2014   Launched 7:00PM
Weather: Hot 87 deg.
Clear with scattered storms in the distance
wind: SSE winds, 10-12mph +/-
Tide: incoming High at 8:30PM
Target Fish: Redfish, Trout Fish

caught: (1) Trout- short, (2)  Snook

There was not a whole bunch of planning for this trip. Basically, I had some time and have been receiving some good reports so we grabbed our boats and gear and headed to Flagler for some topwater action. 

The wind was blowing pretty hard and right down the river. It held the tide down a little and we had to fish the tail end of the incoming which is less than ideal but there was a little action going on. There was plenty of bait around though.

We fished a natural creek drain that had a bunch of small drains and forks, etc. We picked up one trout, 2 Snook and had one other fish on that tore off.

We were using a 5m18 Mirrolure. Had the tide been right I feel like we would have had some real action. We were at least able to get out of some of the wind and work some of the bugs out of the equipment.

Here's a little video from the trip.......

Larry S.

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